Stellaluna Weaver at Aztec Brewing Company

Children & Pets at Aztec

We welcome dogs and children at Aztec, but there are certain safety issues that must be addressed. The Aztec Tasting Room is designed for adults. There is no play area for children. Our front lobby is for seating overflow guests or for guests who prefer a quieter area while bands are performing.

On Thursday nights during Open Mic, the front lobby is used as a Green Room for performers to prep and to store their equipment and equipment cases.

DOGS: If you bring your dogs into the Tasting Room, they must be on a leash at all times.

CHILDREN: If you bring your children with you, they must have adult supervison at all times. We do not offer babysitting services. Aztec Brewing Company is a manufacturing plant and not a facility designed with children in mind. The parking lot can have large trucks going through it 24 hours a day. Plus the other businesses and their customers are not looking for children playing in the parking area.

If you do not wish to actively supervise your children or pets, please leave them at home. If your children or pets annoy our other guests, we will have to ask you to leave.

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