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About Aztec Brewery

We are Aztec Brewing Company. A little bit of nostalgia and a little bit of new life.

2021 is a special year for us for a couple of reasons. First -- We are all back after a very strange year. But also, the original Aztec Brewing Company was started in Mexico in 1921 - One Hundred Years ago - so we are celebrating that by creating a whole line of retro beers, modifying recipes from the 1930's.

We are also celebrating the 10th Anniversary for the new Aztec Brewing Company. And will be creating new beers to celebrate 10 years. Plus having a very special Anniversary Party in the beginning of September.

Our beers range in flavors mild to strong. The alcohol levels vary too. From a good kick back beer, to a beer that will kick back. Give us a try. Aztec Beer from Aztec Brewing Company.

We have a lot of music at Aztec because we are all musicians and know how much joy music can bring into our lives. And let's face it, what a great combo, delicious beer and music that gets your feet tapping and makes your spirits soar.